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All EILAF bags are thoughtfully designed with permanence in mind. Please refer to our care notes below, to ensure the longevity and durability of your EILAF piece.

1           Leather           CARE

We recommend, once or twice a year, a cleanser and transparent cream on your bag and massaging the leather with a soft cloth. On a regular basis, we'd advise gently wiping the leather with a smooth dry cloth to remove dirt and light stains.  

When not in use, we encourage storing your bag in your dust bag in a dry and safe place.

2           LEATHER STAIN         CARE

We recommend applying a transparent and cleansing cream with a soft cloth to remove a stain. If the stain is too strong and does not disappear, we recommend you go to a specialized laundry service for more optimal cleaning.

3           WATERPROOF        CARE

All our leathers are waterproofed when they leave the tannery. However, to better protect your bag from the weather and other external aggressions, we strongly recommend you waterproof your bag, once shortly after purchasing, then approximately every six months.

It is also important to use a quality waterproofing spray, suitable for full-grain leather. 

4           NATURAL DISK       CARE

The basket art disk on your bag is made out of natural plant fibers, such as raffia and bukedo (banana leaf stalk). Both fibers are incredibly durable and do well in different climates. To clean it, we recommend using a damp microfiber cloth and allowing it time to air dry afterwards.

While traveling or packing, please use our dust bag to protect the basket art disk from scratches or sharp objects.